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XML Import error after 1000 imports

Question asked by Rabbe on May 19, 2010
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XML Import error after 1000 imports

Description of the issue

Problem:XML import will fail with a socket error after around 1000 imports. System:Tested with FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.0 v1 on Mac OS 10.6.3. Not tested on other platforms (server/Windows) - yet. Further description:We are doing an XML import with XSLT translation from an external website. The import run once to get the basic set of records and is then repeated 5 times for each main record to get repeated information into related tables. After around 200 records (1000 imports) the next import will stop with a socket error (error 718). Restarting FileMaker will make it possible to make another 1000 imports. XSLT files stored locally and accessed as files.    - Soren Rabbe