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    XML Import Hung Mac OS X/FMPA 10.0v3



      XML Import Hung Mac OS X/FMPA 10.0v3

      Description of the issue

      I've setup a fairly simple script to import a tiny 6k file stored as XML via HTTP. This xml file was originally exported from the same FileMaker Pro Advanced 10.0v3 file. Now when I perform a script to import this via HTTP from a website it hangs at the "Import Records" script step. I've found a few other reports of issues with XML imports hanging on Mac (I'm using 10.5.7) and I suspect I fall into the same boat. Here's a sample process in case that helps: Sampling process 163 for 3 seconds with 1 millisecond of run time between samplesSampling completed, processing symbols...Analysis of sampling FileMaker Pro (pid 163) every 1 millisecondCall graph:    865 Thread_2507      865 start        865 _start          865 main            865 CMacApp::Main()              865 CMacEventPump::Run()                865 CMacEventPump::PumpEvent(EventRecord&)                  865 CFMProApp::DispatchNullEvent(EventRecord const&)                    865 CFMProApp::Idle(bool)                      865 Draco::FMSession::OnIdle(bool)                        865 Draco::ScriptRuntimeBase::OnIdle()                          865 Draco::ScriptRuntimeBase::DoNextStep()                            865 Draco::ScriptRuntimeBase::Execute()                              865 ScriptRuntime::DispatchStep(bool&)                                865 AppExecuteCommand(FMDocWindow*, unsigned int, bool, bool)                                  865 AppHandleCommand(FMDocWindow*, unsigned int, bool)                                    865 DoImportExport(FMDocWindow*, unsigned int)                                      865 Draco::FMImportManager::PerformImport(Draco::QuadChar)                                        865 Draco::FMImportManager::SetupImport(Draco::UniversalPath&, bool, bool)                                          865 Draco::FMImportXML::OpenTranslator(Draco::UniversalPath&)                                            865 Draco::FMImportXML::DoInitFilter(Draco::DBError&, Draco::UniversalPath&)                                              865 Draco::FMPXMLParser::FirstPass(Draco::unistring, bool)                                                865 SAXParser::parse(unsigned short const*, bool)    had to edit out as too long to post   Total number in stack (recursive counted multiple, when >=5):        22       _pthread_start        22       thread_start        15       mach_msg        15       mach_msg_trap        14       0x1c1ff9d3        12       JVM_RaiseSignal        12       _pthread_body        9       0x194cb088        9       _pthread_cond_wait        8       0x195862fa        8       __spin_lock        7       Draco::Thread::ThreadUnixProc(void*)        6       0x194cb165        6       0x194cb225        6       0x194cb333        6       0x194cb445        6       0x194cbe5a        6       0x1958731a        6       0x1c1fd227        6       0x1c2059b1        6       JVM_MonitorWait        6       pthread_cond_wait        6       semaphore_wait_signal_trap        5       0x1c1ffaaa        5       Draco::Semaphore::P(Draco::Thread*)        5       Draco::Thread::RunThread()        5       pthread_mutex_lock Sort by top of stack, same collapsed (when >= 5):        mach_msg_trap        12974        semaphore_wait_signal_trap        5190        __semwait_signal        2595        semaphore_timedwait_signal_trap        2595        select$DARWIN_EXTSN$NOCANCEL        1730        select$DARWIN_EXTSN        1396        kevent        865        recvfrom$NOCANCEL$UNIX2003        865        semaphore_wait_trap        865        mach_wait_until        864        pthread_mutex_unlock        35        __spin_lock        27        pthread_mutex_lock        27        priv_URLGetBuffer        17        __memcpy        16        priv_URLIdle        14        Security::UnixPlusPlus::Selector::singleStep(Security::Time::Interval)        11        URLAccessBinInputStream::readBytes(unsigned char*, unsigned int)        11        OpaqueURLReference::dataAvailable() const        9        Security::Debug::Target::Selector::operator()(char const*) const        9        Security::Mutex::unlock()        9        Security::Time::now()        9        Security::Debug::Target::get()        8        Security::Debug::Target::message(char const*, char const*, char*)        8        YieldToThread        8        __nanotime        8        FindThreadByID        7        Security::Debug::debug(char const*, char const*, ...)        7        gettimeofday        7        Security::Time::Interval::timevalInterval() const        6        __memory_barrier        6        _Network::Manager::prepare()        5        _Network::Manager::step()        5        priv_URLGetCurrentState        5        select$UNIX2003        5Sample analysis of process 163 written to file /dev/stdout  ---- I've left it for a few hours and it hasn't continued through the script so I've had to force quit FileMaker Pro Advanced 10.0v3 - tested and reproduced this twice now. Is this issue going to be addressed? Thanks,Steve 

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          I do feel your pain as it occurs to me from time to time. My investigation lead me to this : the hanging occurs if the connexion to the server on whicvh we get the hhtp requested xml fails at some point. If connexion has no problem during the script then it's ok, but if there's even the slightest connexion problem then it will hang forever.


          I think that FMP9 had a timeout or something or was able to detect the case of a connection loss. FM10 don't seem to handle disconection properly, and waits forever.


          I'd also like to be able to specify a timeout or not fo those remote xml imports. 



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            Thank you for your post.


            There have been a few reports of XML Import failing on Mac OS.  If you search the forum for "XML Import", you will see several related issues. 


            Just a couple of months ago, there was a similar case to yours.  In essence, it says that when XML Data Source is imported by using HTTP request, FileMaker Pro crashes or an error dialog is displayed.  Some of the results showed a parsing error.  Again, this only occurs on the Mac platform.  It works fine on Windows.


            Our Development department is well aware of this issue, but no additional information is available at this time. 



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