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Zebra Label Printer Page Size Problem

Question asked by RaydbGuy on Mar 5, 2009
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Zebra Label Printer Page Size Problem

Description of the issue

Using FileMaker Pro Advanced 9.0v3 on windows XP the following problem occurs.When I create a label layout for the Zebra printer the layout does not show the correct page size.The label size shown in page setup is 1.5 x 0.5 but the size shown in layout mode and preview mode is 6.375 x 1.375. Single labels will print correctly so it appears that FileMaker is sending the correct information to the label printer. But printing multiple labels results in a label being skipped. Since preview shows two labels on one page it appears that FileMaker thinks that the second label should have printed on the first page and proceeds to send the data to print the third label.I have a second Zebra printer connected with a media size of 2.75 x 1.25. The page size shown in the Layout and preview mode for this layout is also about 3 times large than it should be.I connected an HP laser printer and created a layout for the 8.5 x 11 page format. The page size was displayed correctly in the Layout mode and the Preview mode. I installed FileMaker Pro Advanced 8.0 on the same computer and opened the same database. The Layout mode and preview mode show the correct label size. Printing multiple labels works as expected and prints every label. Something changed in version 9.0 that causes it to misread the page size for the Zebra drivers. I saw a report in the knowledge base where another user was seeing the same problem with version 9. Unfortunately that user was not sure how to configure his system so the problem was not obvious. I have the latest version of the Zebra drivers installed. I am using the Zebra TLP 3844-z and Zebra SM4 label printers.