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[Windows] FileMaker keeps Lock on files

Question asked by apitire on Nov 10, 2009
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[Windows] FileMaker keeps Lock on files

Description of the issue

Summary: On Windows (tested XP + Vista) FileMaker's Save/Send Records as features locks the folder where the file is saved. Users cannot rename a folder after using the Save/Send Records As feature until FileMaker is closed. Steps to Reproduce: Create a 'test' folder on desktopCreate a new dbCreate 1 fieldCreate 1 recordFile -> Save/Send Records As -> PDF (or Excel)Save into 'test' folderGo to desktop and try and rename the 'test' folder to 'test renamed' Actual Result: Folder cannot be renamed - PDF file saved from FM locks the folder Expected Result: Should be able to rename the folder Workaround: Close FileMaker so that lock is released Versions: Test with FileMaker Pro 10.0v3 and FileMaker Pro Advanced 10.0v3