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" 'ID' defined to require a value, but is not available on this layout"

Question asked by AnitaWoods on Nov 26, 2012
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" 'ID' defined to require a value, but is not available on this layout"


     I have two beta testers for a FMP db using it on iPad FM Go, working well until the last few days when they are both now spontaneously getting an error message that I have been unable to recreate.  

     I have a Contacts layout with a button to a Pregnancy layout that creates a new Pregnancy record for that contact with the following script:

     Set Variable [$contact; Value:Contacts::ContactID]
     Go to Layout ["Pregnancy" (Pregnancy)]
     New Record/Request
     Set Field [Pregnancy::ContactID; $contact]
     Go to Next Field

     That works perfect.  After inputting the data into the record on the Pregnancy layout, there is a GTRR button that takes them to a third "Prenatal Chart" layout. After months and weeks of using this DB, one user is getting this error when using the GTRR button:  

     " "PregnancyID" is defined to require a value, but it is not available on this layout. Use another layout to assign a value to this field."

     The other user gets something similar, but on the Accounting layout. Pregnancy:PregnancyID is a number field, auto-enter serial, unique, so is Accounting:AccountingID.  It's like suddenly the auto-enter isn't working.  I'd appreciate suggestions on why this is happening, and why it isn't happening to me.