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    "custom" font in Filemaker Go?



      "custom" font in Filemaker Go?


           I suspect the answer will be "no," but is there any way to install a specialized Unicode font on to an iPad 3 for use with FileMaker Go? I need a font that has character sets not available in the standard iPad fonts (specifically Coptic, cuneiform, and [ideally] Syriac).

           I've read that it would be possible to somehow host the database online and view it via Safari on the iPad, and with the right CSS, have it access the fonts hosted online. However, I am not sure how to do this. Ideally, though, I'd rather just have the fonts work with FM Go directly.



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               Just conducted an initial investigation into the IOS 5 fonts and how they relate to FIlemaker.

               This is on a 2 year old Windows laptop and the results are dismal. Only a few of my TT fonts match and there is no 'barcode' font such as I have for Code 39.

               More interesting is how the 12 Themes do not use fonts that I have available. I haven't looked at all of the themes but some default to fonts that aren't on my computer although they may be on Apple's computers. I think this is a 'bug' in the themes.

               Maybe I can find the fonts online. 

               OK, IOS is not for heavy duty folks and it surely wasn't designed for FIlemaker Go but the engineers are hard at work...

               IOS was designed for 'Dummies' or politically correct, folks with less interest in programming than watching movies or using maps.

               It would be nice to have an IOS keyboard that showed the font characters and maybe there is one. Think I'll take a look..

               Search the store for Character Map. I found several AFTER I bought one...

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                 Robbie Mac Crimmon:

                 Thank you for your post.

                 At this time, FileMaker Go will only use the built-in iOS fonts.  For a complete list of those fonts, go to:


                 Those fonts used in FileMaker Pro that don't exist in FileMaker Go will be substituted.

                 FileMaker, Inc.

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                   Thanks TSGal for the information. This is not a surprise but it is still a pity. It makes FMGo pretty much useless for anyone wanting to have an academic database involving languages. I have since learnt I can jailbreak my iPad and use whatever font I want, but I haven't taken that step yet.