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    "Dial Phone" script step not dialing



      "Dial Phone" script step not dialing


      Dial Phone script does not work on my iPhone. If I select the dialog option then it shows the number but does not dial. Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing?

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          Ali Diba:

          Thank you for your post.

          I answered your identical post at:

          Dial Phone script step on FMGo

          However, for others reading this thread, the Dial Phone script step will work properly when referencing a field.  However, if you type in a number directly, it will dial a random number.

          Another option would be to use the "Open URL" script step using the "tel:" option..  For example, "tel:5551212" or "tel:" & Fieldname

          Are you referencing a field or a string?  Does the script continue after the Dial Phone script step?  If you post your script, it may be easier to understand why this is not working as expected.

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