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    "Menu bar" printing in Webdirect



      "Menu bar" printing in Webdirect


      We recently upgraded from FM 9 to FM 13. In the older IWP we used to print screens (invoices, BOL's, etc). We used the relevant browser  to perform this function, and got it working really well.


      With Webdirect we cannot get the screens to print correctly. The 'menu bar' gets printed and it only prints what's being shown on the screen, rather than the complete record.

      Is this something that can be changed?

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          Don't know the answer, but am posting this to let you know that you have posted a question about Web Direct in the FileMaker Go section of the forum. A place set aside for FM Go users and where your question won't be seen by as many people as you would if you posted to the FM Pro form. There really should be a section set up for Web Direct--best location for posting WD questions is probably FM Server, but that is a poor fit and also doesn't get near the traffic of a post to the FM Pro section.