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"Non-local" Connecting to FM Go

Question asked by alc on May 21, 2011
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"Non-local" Connecting to FM Go


 I've been trying in vain to connect to my iPod  as if it were on 3G  (since I don't have 3G to test with yet). Can't figure out what's wrong...

FMNet works fine using my local wifi, but I'd like to get it set  up, so that I can access my databases from other WiFi enviorments.

My router has a table for entering port fowarding info as follows (see below):

Application     Start     End     Protocol*     IP Address**      Enable Checkbox)

In the table above have tried:

set "Start to 5002 and "End" to 5004.

set Start to 5003 and End to 5003

I've tried both these with the IP set to my local Lan IP, my iPod's IP, my Wireless IP

**for IP Address it seem to mean FROM what IP since only the last 3 digits editable (local IP 192. etc is auto entered)

Instructions say "Enter the      IP Address of the PC running the application." I assum they mean desktop but I've even tried using my iPods IP.

* Protocol is just a pop-up for UDP / TCP or Both

With several databases available via FMNet (set to all users for testing purposes)

I then type my Public IP into the iPhone

After some waiting it lists the server but I get "no files available"

(I thought that at least it was seeing the server, but discovered I get this same message when a server doesn't even exist)

Sorry, about the DUMB questions, but have never needed to access FMP except via LAN and local wifi