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    "The file "?" could not be opened. (Not Found)"



      "The file "?" could not be opened. (Not Found)"


      I am running FileMaker go 12 on MD368LL/A and MD518LL/A and I keep getting "The file "?" could not be opened. (Not Found)" error message when trying to view a image.


      The images are taken from the camera and inserted into containers. The odd part is it seems to work for a while. I am not sure what causes it to stop working but rebooting the Ipad seems to fix it. Because the iPads are being used for work, they have almost no apps installed or running. Apps that I know are being used are Calculator, Camera, Apex MobileSketch, FileMakerGo 12.


      Any help on this would be appreciated.  


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               You might check out this post from yesterday.  "The file "?" could not be opened. (Not Found)" error when emailing FMGo database to myself


               You may have to use report an issue at the top of this screen if you can't get it resolved.   As noted on the other post. Try to note everything that is running when the problem starts. Note any step that can be repeated to cause the problem.   The more information you give the faster they can determine if it is a bug  and maybe even fix.


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                 Henry Robinson:

                 Thank you for your post.

                 From  your description, it is difficult to determine what is the cause.  As in the other post supplied by "S Chamblee", there is definitely a memory corruption issue, and it is unknown if this is being caused by FileMaker Go.  Assuming it is caused by FileMaker Go, I'll need more information.  Specifically, how long does FileMaker Go run normally before this error message appears?  If you close and relaunch FileMaker Go, do you still get the same message?  How long had it been between rebooting of the iPad?

                 Any other information you can provide may be helpful.

                 FileMaker, Inc.

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              What is the name of the file.  I had that problem for weeks on a new file I created.  I was naming the file v1.01, v1.02...as I created an update.  I then tried on file on Filemaker v1.04, never worked, tried v1.05 when created, didn't work.  Now I needed to make it work, so I started my research.  I found a post that had the same problem and read it, no help, found another with the comment of having "." in file name.  I took out the "."  and renamed it v105.