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"The file "?" could not be opened. (Not Found)"

Question asked by HenryRobinson on Jun 25, 2013
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"The file "?" could not be opened. (Not Found)"


I am running FileMaker go 12 on MD368LL/A and MD518LL/A and I keep getting "The file "?" could not be opened. (Not Found)" error message when trying to view a image.


The images are taken from the camera and inserted into containers. The odd part is it seems to work for a while. I am not sure what causes it to stop working but rebooting the Ipad seems to fix it. Because the iPads are being used for work, they have almost no apps installed or running. Apps that I know are being used are Calculator, Camera, Apex MobileSketch, FileMakerGo 12.


Any help on this would be appreciated.