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1-10 labeled buttons to add value to one field

Question asked by BillKay on Aug 6, 2012
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1-10 labeled buttons to add value to one field


Hi Guys,
I need to have one field add up numbers given to it by 10 buttons valued and labeled from 1-10.
So if someone pushes the 10 button the field will show 10, if again 20, if pushing4
now it would show 24 as a total.

Currently I have 10 fields that by the user clicking on button enters the value into its
own field, and than the total field that is a calculation field with:

ScoreTotal10 = Score1 + Score2, etc.
Which adds up all of the values for a total of 55 but does not add anymore if someone
decides to hit the 10 again

I think by this question that you can see I'm still struggling with FMP 11
so any thoughts would be appreciated.

*Sorry I should add that the end result will be used in Filemaker Go (presently 11) 12