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    2 Way Synchronization between iPad and Mac



      2 Way Synchronization between iPad and Mac



      I was wondering if there is a way to synchronize between the iPad (FM Go) and my MAC (FM Pro). I know I can put the database file into itunes and then access on the iPad but what I am looking for it this.

      Any updates and changes done on either the iPad or the MAC are automatically copied to one another when connected.

      Is this possible and if so then how?

      Thanks in advance!


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          Hi Carl,

          You can host your database on your Mac with FileMaker Pro and access it using FileMaker Go from your iPad (and up to eight others as well).  You will need a WiFi and/or 3G/4G connection and your Mac has to remain on with your shared database open to do this.  Any changes you make on your iPad are automatically updated on the Mac.  You do not copy the database back and forth using iTunes, email, or other means.

          There are other ways to "sync" (e.g. GoZync) but they are either expensive or involve custom development to import and merge updates and changes for your specific solution.






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            Hi Carl.  As Jade says, you can set up FMGo to use your FMP as a server.  I should warn you, though, that we have been fighting this configuration for a week, and we've been having a lot of problems.  FMGo just doesn't seem to work reliably for us, nor does it stay in sync.  We're using an iPad 2 running IOS 5.0.1.

            I don't know of any other good solutions, other than going to a web app.


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              360Works has also just recently announced a synch tool. If you decide on that approach, you might check out both to compare cost and features.

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                Over a cellular connection any database is easily victimized by a dropped connection by the TelCo. Sometimes the drop and reconnect are fast enough to not cause a problem while at other times it can be a disaster if combined with a problematic remote server.

                I used a 20 Meg optical connection with a remote shared host and had very few problems except for one guys morning update use Replace Field which tied up everyone.

                I used a 2G Sprint connection which was painfully nerve wracking at times and on ocassion busted a client's database and it had to be replaced. I switched to working at night with no one else on board and it was OK.

                An old 10 Meg wifi router may be a troublemaker as well as 9 connections to Filemaker Pro plus using that computer as a client.

                I am at the library using their WiFi for the moment and their wifi connection just timed out on my Touch...  :)

                One other problem is memory on the IOS devices... I believe my 8 Gig Touch 4 is just a bit underpowered.