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3 Possible bugs - Filemaker Go

Question asked by mdaracz on Jul 13, 2015
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3 Possible bugs - Filemaker Go


I have following issues with Filemaker Go 14

1. The function "hide include record edit tool bar" works temporarily then the record edit tool back comes back mysteriously after the file has been open for a while.I have this script run at "first window open" so theoretically it should keep the tool bar hidden for as long as the app is open.   Closing and opening the file fixes the issue.

2. Iphone 4S, orientation locking and zoom locking do not work. Iphone 6 is fine. 

3. The keyboard hides the bottom fields while the fields are being edited.  This happens after the app has been on for a while.   See before and after:

Good ( Field pops up with the keyboard on bottom, users can see what they are typing)

Bad ( Keyboard pops up over field, users cannot see what they are typing)

Completely rebooting the FM Go App fixes the issue.