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3G Connection issue not VPN or Port Related

Question asked by JeffMiars on Aug 20, 2010
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3G Connection issue not VPN or Port Related


Current setup:

iPhone iOS 4.0.2 Running Filemaker Go 1.0.3
iPad iOS 3.2.2 Running Filemaker Go 1.0.3

Using 3G on Filemaker Go, connecting to a hosted website (I use and both have the same issue)

If I'm using my iPhone 4 on 3G, I can connect to either database no problem.

If I'm using my iPad on 3G, I CANNOT connect to either database.

Since I was able to connect using my iphone, I assume this is not a port forwarding issue on either hosted site, and VPN is not needed obviously since I did not need it to connect on my iphone. These are the 2 most common issues as posted on the forums and in the filemaker documents.

So.....Why can't I connect to these databases using Filemaker Go on my iPad over 3G?