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    3G connection to slow



      3G connection to slow



      I've built a point-of-sale solution for mobile sales people in FM Go for iPad, but it is frustratingly slow for users. There are only four salespeople using a 3G connection to connect to the FMP database at their office. 

      The DB uses buttons to run a script to add an item to the portal list, showing the purchases. Each product is identified by a script parameter. Using it over 3G is very slow: each button press takes 1-2 seconds to talk back to the host file.

      I find the DB slow to use when running locally, but the staff are happy with the speed using a copy of the DB on the device, but management would far prefer the data to be stored in one shared FMP DB.

      Any suggestions on making the solution run faster but still show a list of items being sold might save me a lot of back end importing…

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          If you find the db running slow on your local computer, it isn't gonna get any faster when opened remotely and in fact will run slower even over ethernet.

          Filemaker's design causes a bit of slowness since it transfers the bulk of data to the user and then back. There are databases that react faster but they are not as easy to use.

          The first thing to do is to create layouts and scripts specifically for IOS and rethink your approach and design. For instance, use an item layout instead of a portal on a layout with lots of actions on it. Use quickfind to locate the item and then work with it on that layout. Save and find the next item. When done, THEN show the invoice layout and portal and totals. You've minimized the data being transmitted.

          Minimize your layouts, you don't have to have 3245 objects on the layout with 22 tabs, 44 portals and 345 calculated fields that need to update just because you sneezed...   :)

          Study Apple's App Store...