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3G Data Usuage

Question asked by ElizabethHillier on Aug 20, 2012
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3G Data Usuage


I apologise in advance as I know this is a bit of a ''how long is a piece of string'' question but..

We are in the process of testing a new filemaker system through go on iPads, and one of our testers is going to a site abroad. As we are just testing we are yet to take out any 3G contracts and instead are tethering through an iPhone. We have been told that being abroad we will be charged per MB, and so in order to gauge roughly what the overall cost is going to be I wondered if anybody had any idea roughly how much data is used per day.

There are a few single table databases being used - One has 2 container fields per record for photos taken using the iPad camera, and the others have 1 container for signatures. It is going to be used almost continually throughout an 8 hour shift.

Thank you in advance for any help at all, as I said I understand this is a bit of a strange and possibly impossible question to answer!