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About that navigator bar in FM Go...

Question asked by MichaelBrianBentley on Dec 30, 2010
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About that navigator bar in FM Go...


I'm working with FMPA11 on a laptop running Mac OS X 10.6.5,  and FMGo iPad 1.1.2.

Back a couple months, a conversation regarding how to make the toolbar go away appeared at:

The script command for disabling the toolbar doesn't work, but there's a switch for it lurking under the cog at the top-right in what I thought was the navigation bar, as per Richart Carlton's FMGO_Training_Tool.fp7.

But something that looks like the toolbar pops up whenever interacting with an editable field. This bar has a couple buttons, Previous and Next, that when pressed have the strangest effect: they point to the previous or next button, and point to it with a dialog with three buttons on it: "Choose From Library", "Open", and "Email". What these have to do with one of my buttons on one of my layouts is way beyond me and my clients. That extra navigator bar also provides ways to add, duplicate, delete and delete found records, enter find mode, sort and omit records, all of which really should be handled through my carefully designed FM interface.

The thread referred to by the above link suggests that this navigator bar must be displayed because of the possibility that an external keyboard is hooked up to the iPad, and apparently someone could do things with an external keyboard, so that navigator bar has to be present while user interacts with a field. Experimentally, I pressed the LOCK button at the top right of the iPad keyboard dock -- the screen went black and music started to play. It's playing while I write this.

It may be needless to suggest that I don't quite understand what all is going on, and that I am pretty sure I still don't want that navigator bar that-looks-kinda-like the toolbar to show up when I'm editing the contents of a field.