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    Acces to host on Windows-PC with an Iphone



      Acces to host on Windows-PC with an Iphone


      On my local (wired) network i can synchronize databases with 2 PC with the Fileaker Network service.

      When i log in with laptop using wifi i can't acces a FM database on the PC. The same issue when i am using Iphone with Filemaker GO. Locally the FM GO works fine.

      I'v read some posts with the same question, but the solutions are related te an IMac PC.




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          First you must use Sharing:Filemaker Network in Filemaker Pro on any file on a pc or Mac you want to share to open with your IOS device. We don't call this synchronizing since that is an action where data is updated between two files that were not connected and shared. Sharing is where you open a remote file and enter data into it rather than entering data in a file on your computer.

          Once you've open the dialog above and clicked on a file to share you have to choose the radio button to share the file. The TCP (wireless) and IP (internet access) address will be displayed and these are what you would enter in the IOS network selection to create a button for your choice which you can name such as Address WiFi or Address Internet.

          It is important when sharing a file to set up accounts and passwords and deny guest access since anyone on the internet can troll your ip address and gain access to your file.

          If this isn't clear let me know and I will create a blog page, if I havent already, describing these steps.

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            Hi Jack,

            Thanks for your post. It is clear.

            It works fine now. Finally there was a problem within the router.