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    Access Filemaker File Through Web Hosting



      Access Filemaker File Through Web Hosting


      I was wondering if this is possible.

      I have a web hosting company for my website and was wondering if I can upload my filemaker solution on to their server and be able to access it with Filemaker Go?  Or does the Web Hosting company have to have filemaker server on their equipment.

      I know it would be nice if I can upload my solution on any online server and be able to access it with FilemakerGo.


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          The web hosting company would need to install some version of FileMaker, either Server for custom web publishing or Server Advanced for Instant web publishing. (FileMaker Pro could also be used for limited numbers of users).

          There are hosting companies that offer this capability if yours is unwillling/unable to install and maintain the needed software.

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            As noted above, you would not be able to access it dynamically as a client if it is not hosted on a FileMaker product on the server.

            However, you can download and access the file if simply stored somewhere. This may be of use if your solution is read only on the mobile side, such as a catalogue or contact list. Any changes you made to it on your device (now working on a copy of the file) would need to be synced back, however. They would not be written back to the main file as a matter of course. I use dropbox in this way sometimes, and periodically dump and redownload to get the current version of the file. With the rumored addition of wireless syncing to iOS, it may be possible to expand on this limited approach.

            For a more dynamic option, you can host it yourself on a personal copy of Pro. I do this for my primary solution. My "home" copy of the file is set up to share, and my router to forward traffic on the appropriate port to my desktop. My copy of GO then accesses my file from away. Changes are made dynamically and saved in the "home" file. This is a very workable solution for me.

            Proper FileMaker hosting is the most robust and comprehensive solution, however.

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              I use a FM-specific hosting service and this works very well. With it, I am able to access my hosted FM files from any device; iPad, IPhone, iPod touch, Mac and Windows PCs and all are always in synch. On the mobile devices, I can connect anywhere I can get a joinable Wi-Fi signal or a 3G cellular network (iPad and iPhone).


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                 Can you recommend a FM-specific hosting service.  I see many on Google.



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                  I am with Point In Space and have nothing but good to say about them ... service and support are excellent.

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                    Thanks.  I'll look at their service offering.



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                      If any Filemaker file is set for sharing either using a Filemaker Server or a standalone copy, and you have the correct permission you can access it if you can see it in the Open Remote dialog or via a script using something similar or using IWP.

                      The file does not have to be your own nor does the computer have to be your own, you only need a username and password (this little problem is why I am working on a login file to catch the unwanted intruder).

                      It's like dialing a telephone, you need to know the correct set of numbers:  123.456.789.000 and the phone has to be turned on.

                      The connection connection can be made via (hope I don't miss one):

                      • Direct connection such as an ethernet cable between two computers
                      • A wifi connection
                      • An Internet connection: cable, satellite, etc.
                      • A cell phone such as an iPhone
                      • Mental Telepathy (?)

                      And...a Filemaker file can be linked with another Filemaker file to share tables, scripts, etc. that can be anywhere in the world (universe some day) so don't worry about limitations...