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    Access files remotely from FM Go



      Access files remotely from FM Go


      Is there a shortcut to remote access our server rather than through a VPN with FM Go? We use dyndns for the VPN, can this be added directly to the host address?

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          if "our server" is a database hosted by FileMaker Pro or FileMaker server, then FM GO can connect to that database as a client just as though it was another regular computer connecting to it. This, of course, requires a wireless connection to your server--either WiFi or a cell phone type data connection. There are a number of technical hurdles to setting up your network with appropriate port forwarding and iP address to make this work for access from outside your network for the Cell Phone route, but it can be done.

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            Sorry - we run FMS11 on our server hosting our main DB. We connect within our office to a wireless network, and remotely via VPN (on laptops) either wirelessly or 4G. Port forwarding is set up to allow both of these access routes. From a mobile device we use FMGo via VPN on a wirelsss network or 4G. Is that everything you need to know? I'm looking for a shortcut so we don't need to use the VPN and can connect directly from FMGo. We also have a dns service.

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              You will have to have the older version of FMGo 1.1  (11) to connect to FMS11.  This Old version of FMGo is not available.   FMGo 13 is the current version of FMGo and the only version available which can connect to 12 or 13.  There are new commands in 13 that will not be available to 12 users.

              You can create icons to be placed on the devices that  contains the information such as the ip address and database name.


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                We'll be upgrading all our versions to FM13, FMS13 and latest FMGo in the next few days. It sounds like that may allow me to do what I want?

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                  Thank you for your posts.

                  FileMaker Go cannot log into a VPN network.  Instead, have FileMaker Go use the external IP Address to access the file.  Make sure the necessary ports are open (80, 443, 5003).

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                    Markus Schneider

                    ...and set up Your router to forward the ports to the machine running FMS (that will have an internal IP)

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                      Yes, FMS13 will allow you to connect from FMGo13.  As stated there are steps required in setting your router to allow access from an outside network.   You will have to make sure ports are open and ports are forwarded to the hosting machine as stated.  If you run into trouble, it best to start a new post and asks those question as they pop up.  Also note that FMS only comes with one connection for FMGo and Webdirect, you have to purchase additional connections.  Call FMI sales department and they will be happy to go over everything you will need.  They have annual licensing that may fit your needs better than a flat out purchase.