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Accessing realm protected content through FM Go's webviewer

Question asked by JohnConnolly on Feb 22, 2012
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Accessing realm protected content through FM Go's webviewer


Hi All, 

A client of ours has a need to access sensitive data on a Mac OS X server via http through a webviewer tab on FM Go on their iPads.

We've set up a site in OS X Web server that operates on a non-standard port and also has a realm in place to add a level of protection by insisting that users authenticate before viewing the protected data. This all works as it should on a desktop browser.

Testing the site by keying in the full URL ( in mobile Safari on the iPad also works fine, the password dialog appears, they log in and all is well - they can view and navigate to the data they need to see.  However, when they try and access the information in FM Go's webviewer, it won't pop up the authentication dialog and therefore doesn't reveal the data they need to see.

Turning the realm off makes the webviewer links in FM Go work just fine, so it's obviously content with the non-standard port, but as soon as we re-enable the realm, it fails - the auth dialog fails to appear.  Any suggestions on workarounds for getting FM Go to play well with realms or does the webviewer browser just not support it?

Alternatively, does anyone have any other suggestions for accessing protected data via http on FM Go? The developer added a button which should allow the page to open in Safari, but we can't get seemthat to work either...

Many thanks in advance.