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Accidentally deleted FileMaker Go11

Question asked by donl1150 on Oct 1, 2014
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Accidentally deleted FileMaker Go11



I have been using FM Go11 for several years now, it has been working great.  When I updated to ios8, somehow I lost my FM Go app.  It is no longer available in the App Store.  I inquired of Apple Support and they said .....

"iTunes Store is just a content distributor not a content provider. If the item is removed or modified from the content provider then we are unable to re grant it for you."

I then checked with FileMaker and they said .....

"your app will appear in your Purchased area in iTunes. FileMaker does not have a way to provide you the FileMaker Go 11 for iPad app.  If you do not have your app FileMaker Go 11 for iPad any longer in your Purchased area in iTunes, you may check your back up files from iTunes to restore."

I have been not been very diligent about backups but I think one may be there somewhere.  When I go to iTunes and try to restore, I only see one backup and that is a very recent one that will do no good.  Can someone give me some guidance on how to proceed?