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           How do you make it so that when they open the doc from say an iPad that it asks them to log into an account instead of just logging them in? And also is there a way to make it so that someone cant change layouts?

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               Auto login is a setting in Filemaker Pro when you design the databases, you will have to change the setting in filemaker pro.  Under the File menu, select File Options, then uncheck Log in using.  This will require the user to login.

               You setup users File, Manage, security.

               Layouts can not be modified in Go.   http://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-go/docs/techbrief_filemaker_go_11_en.pdf

               In Filemaker Pro you can hide the Toolbars with the Show/Hide Toolbars script command.   Show/Hide Toolbars[Lock;Hide].  

               With the comibination of scripts and security you can prevent user from modifying the layout in Filemaker Pro.