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Adding a PDF to a container via FM Go

Question asked by SebastianThiesen on Nov 28, 2013
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Adding a PDF to a container via FM Go


     Hey there,


     we are working heavily with FM Go and love it. But more often we are missing the functionality to add a PDF to FM Go.

     Following Scenario:

     1. we are scanning a document with any document scanner app and create a PDF.

     2. we open the "Share with" context menu and see a list of compatible apps (Dropbox, GDrive, Email,...)

     3. can't you make FM Go being compatible with PDFs so one is able to add it to the FM Go "local iPad drive"?

     4. Then we would be able to click on any container in FM Go and add the PDF and store it in the database. 

     That would be awesome!

     Or is there any other way, to get the same result? We are working with the iPad on the road and don't have / and don't want to have PC with us.