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AirDrop FMGo 13.07 to FMGo 13.0.7 stalls on waiting...

Question asked by ScottBleackley on Nov 29, 2014
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AirDrop FMGo 13.07 to FMGo 13.0.7 stalls on waiting...



AirDrop FMGo 13.07 to FMGo 13.0.7 stalls on waiting… after selecting target device.
Alter does not appear on target device.  File cannot be accepted and therefore transfer fails.
Tried with a variety of different files and file types originating from both devices within FMGo.

Testing from Photo and Safari App between the same two devices, no setting changes, results in a successful transfer, select target device, Alert box with "Accept" on the other device and then transfer, so all connections required are working.  

Transfer files to apps on other iOS devices using AirDrop
    1    Tap , then tap Home .
    2    Tap Device Icon , then tap select file icon .
    3    Tap one or more files to transfer, then tap Share Icon.
    4    Select the device to transfer the files to, then follow the onscreen instructions.
    5    After the file is transferred, tap Done.


Any suggestions or additional tests suggestions are most welcome.
Hopefully missing something very simple...


PS it would be really nice if we could transfer/share the file to an external SD card, feature request has been filed,
just checking to ensure I did not miss it being implemented.  This is for remote ( really remote, no wires, no wifi, no cell ) for incremental backup of data in harsh environment where there is a likelihood of damage to data collection device.  Need Air Drop to work at the very least :  )

Thank you