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Am I missing something on how Filemaker Go interfaces with data on a server

Question asked by dblackmon on Apr 5, 2014
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Am I missing something on how Filemaker Go interfaces with data on a server


     I have been playing with Filemaker for a couple of months now and have a question dealing with havering what would be consider a true front end and back end scenario using FilemakerGo

     From what I can tell thus far you either have to have the whole database loaded onto the Apple mobile device or host it on FM server or host from your FM Pro application. Each scenario requires the front and back end contained into one file. Kinda like MS Access before  you decide  to split the database apart with the data and ui in two separate files. Coming from a SQL background I find it difficult to have all of my eggs in one basket, because it creates a development and data management nightmare. I know you can use sync methods or connect one database to another that emulates a back end solution.  However the problem remains that if you host your solution on a server it still has to stream everything over a network connection. This creates a painful solution dealing with performance issues over a WAN connection because the GO app seems to be a modified web browser by the way it seems to work.

     Is there a way to have just the front end of a FM solution on an iPad that contains all the ui functions and only pass data to and from the FM server over LAN/WAN solutions.

     Thank you for your time,