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An FM Go for iPad DB that chats with SQL Server

Question asked by MichaelBrianBentley on Dec 13, 2010


An FM Go for iPad DB that chats with SQL Server


I am working on a prototype db using Filemaker Go for iPad. I'd  like to be able to trade data with the client's SQL Server. I'm told  the only way to chat right now is by using http. So far, I believe, not a  deal breaker.

There are apps for iPad that can interact nicely with various  versions of SQL Server, but they seem to have the edge that it has  access to Core Data and the Cocoa Touch XML Parsing code. But the data  I'm working with isn't very complicated or large. so maybe this isn't a  deal breaker.

(The client is pushing back hard on having to pay 40 bucks per iPad. This could be the deal breaker :)

Since I'm working on this right now, I have to go with what's  available. If there's no way to post or process query results in a  straightforward way, the FM Go prototype stops at just being a  prototype, and I start work on the real version using another  technology. That's not a biggie since we have lots of UI details to work out and this is an expeditious venue, but I'm working on making the case technically stronger to be able to stick with it for the release.

Do I sound like I'm heading in a useful/right direction?

Are there examples of Filemaker [Go] databases chatting with SQL Servers via http?