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    Animal Shelter database solution...



      Animal Shelter database solution...


      Hi there,

      I am new to Filemaker so please excuse the ignorance:) Currently I'm looking into creating a Filemaker solution for a local animal shelter where I work. It will be used to track the day-to-day activities of our resident shelter population by animal care staff. I have a couple questions:

      1. To deploy an iPad-based tracking solution that will be used by 10+ people entering data into the system simultaneously how expensive would this be? Minus the costs of the iPads running Filemaker Go.

      2. Besides Filemaker Pro and iPads running Filemaker Go would I need to purchase any additional software? Will the solution be deployable from a single iteration of Pro onto all the iPads? Will the iPads automatically update the main database?   

      Thank you for any advice you can offer. I'm slowly teaching myself the Filemaker platform:)


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          1.   You will need to purchase filemaker server or have a hosting company to host your database for 10+ simultaneous users.  You will need Filemaker Pro or Filemaker Pro Advance to created or modify the database.  

          2.  You would have the database located on a computer with filemaker server and then each iPad that connects could modify the database.   You will need Filemaker for each computer that access the database on the server.   The file isn't located on the iPad but on the server.  You can put a copy of the database on the iPad, but it would be a standalone database that is not shareable.

          I would start will Filemaker Pro Advance and design the databases before purchasing Filemaker server.  It's a lot of money to spend, so you would want your database up and running first.  You can have 5 simultaneous user with a databases hosted by Filemaker Pro or Advanced.  Test with 5 users and then expand.  Gives you time to learn filemaker and to see if it is going to work for you.  Filemaker currently has buy one get one free until December 10, 2014  http://info2.filemaker.com/BOGO2014_offer.html


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            Thank you! I'll start with what you have suggested. :)