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    Annoying Previous and Next Buttons when not needed


      Annoying Previous and Next Buttons when not needed


           I have a one field layout using a container field and that field has Go To Next Object not selected for anything. However, when  the field is activated to select the camera, etc. the Previous and Next buttons display and then do nothing when tapped.

           The buttons should not display when the Go To Next Object is not checked and definitely if there is no other field on the layout.

           Also, tapping inside the field when the camera buttons show brings up the paste button and tapping on it places go into an infinite loop or something with the spinning wheel.

           It is very difficult if not impossible to create a professional photo capture sequence with Go...  Please fix and maybe ask for a panel of users to judge the product and make suggestions that will be followed.

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               Jack Rodgers:

               Thank you for your post.

               I have forwarded the information to our Development and Testing departments for review.  I will keep you posted as information becomes avaiable to me.

               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 I don't understand your statement about Goto To Next Object not selected.   Why would you have a Goto Next Object with 1 field.   I can't duplicate your problems.  I'm using FMP12Adavance and FMGO 12.0.6 on ipad 3. (Both Version with all updates)

                 I created a sample app with one container field.  I tap the container field and the Import menu comes up.  Camera, Audio, Signature ect. Select camera and take picture then select use and the picture is stored.

                 I also can't get the paste button to get stuck in loop.   I would guess you must have some kind of script trigger.

                 This is the basic sample I used to test on my ipad and I didn't have any problems.



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                   S Chamblee,

                   Whenever the word 'annoyed' appears in my post, I am less likely to be totally coherent in my post.

                   I am using an iPod Touch and the iPad is elsewhere for now. I will test later as the problem may not be on the iPad.

                   Here's the situation after creating a sample file with one table and one field, a container field:

                   One field only on the layout.

                   In the Inspector under the Data tab I have unchecked Go To Next Object Using Tab and unchecked Return and Unchecked Enter.

                   When I tap the container field the dialog opens and the Next and Previous buttons on the left are showing, they should not be as 1) I have unchecked the go to next object options and 2) there is only one field on the layout.

                   Next, when I tap the container field containing a photograph both the view dialog appears (with the previous and next buttons, see above) and the IOS dialog for cut, copy, paste and delete.


                   I want to script a button to insert a new photograph but Filemaker's steps are cumbersome and to me annoying. Open the Camera app and take a series of photographs. It works just like a Camera. Snap, Snap, Snap. I cannot get Filemaker to function in that manner although I have found a workaround that comes close. The problem is that Filemaker Pro does not have a menu item nor a script step for Capture Photograph. So the engineers have to use the dialog that appears to function like the menu items on the Filemaker menu bar. Thus, taking a photograph is a cumbersome process and an annoying process if you are taking a series of photographs.

                   What is needed is a new script step just for Go: Capture Photograph(Field;Single or Sequence;Small, Medium or Large;Image Size)...OK, we photographers could add dozens of qualities. There, that's what I was after. Rather than emulating the Pro Insert Menu Bar in a dialog window, give us a dedicated Capture Photograph() step that does just that.

                   So, the steps we need are to capture a photograph or capture a movie or capture a sound as a script step without pulling up a dialog filled with options. This is OK for a manual user but not when you want to script a solution. Here, and I speak for myself, I want to be able to offer a method that works like the app Camera. Show the container field set as not enterable and have a button for the user to click. When Tapped the script creates a new record and shows the camera image as it does in the Camera app until a button is tapped to capture that image. This is the logical and preferred method.

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                     I understand more what you are trying to do.  I believe filemaker is setup just to take 1 photo at a time and insert that photo into the container, not a series of photos.  I created a app that used 4 photos and 1 video, and I had a container for each item with a few steps.  Tap container, tap camara, take picture, then use picture, this was for each item.  It would be nice if you could import all at one time.

                     I will do more test and see if I can find a work around also.  If I find anything, I will post. 

                     Good Luck.

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                       After all my blogging (http://gofm.biz/2012/11/01/photo-challenge-filemakergo/) and posting I have an answer to offer:


                       This script step will directly open the camera window and bypass the current dialog that mimics Filemaker's Insert menu choices but adds the camera button that performs my suggested new script step.

                       Instead of large, medium and small we should be able to designate the final image size and bypass the script steps to customize the image size.

                       I have a workaround so I can create a continuous sequence of photographs but it is not what I would like to do.

                         Freeze Window
                         New Record
                         EXIT LOOP if cancel button is clicked
                       end loop


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                         Jack Rodgers:

                         Our Development and Testing teams are already aware of the issue of the Previous and Next buttons being enabled when there is only one field on the layout.  No other information is available at this time.

                         Regarding the "TakeGoPhotograph" script step suggestion, please be sure to enter this into our Feature Requests web form at:


                         The entries into this web form are populated in a database file that is hosted by Development and Product Management where the suggestions are then discussed and considered for future versions.  Although I could copy your suggestion and paste it into the web form, the web form does contain a few questions that only you can answer.

                         FileMaker, Inc.