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Any way to 'read only' on mobile devices.

Question asked by SteveMartino on May 16, 2012
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Any way to 'read only' on mobile devices.


Hi, was wondering if there is anyway to just view (read only) on my iphone, ipad.  When I leave the office, I just want to copy my Dbase to my mobile devices, so when I'm on the road I can see customer data.

Currently I'm trying this with dropbox, and snapshot view.  I can get a regular copy to sync, but not a snapshot view. 

I guess, first of all, is snapshot view the right option?

Or considering, the data isnt syncing anyway (just copying to devices) should i just delete the database from the device when I get back to the office.

Also, am I missing a simple way to get the database from FM pro, to my devices, rather than save to dropbox?

Any help would be greatly appreciated