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    Any Way to Send a Table?



      Any Way to Send a Table?


      The program I wrote on FM11 and sent toall iPads does not allow the users to change basic file information - ie Customer numbers, names, addresses, email addresses, etc. Seems like a day doesn't go by without an email change for a customer site. I would like to update just the customer table without sending a new GO program every time I make a change. Any ideas or guidance? If I allow the employees to change it - all delivery people in the same territory would have to do the change themselves.



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          You can use DropBox to send a file and even write a script to save a copy into Dropbox either when you close the file or by button, etc. Your employees can the open Dropbox, select the file and have it open in Filemaker Go. This will not overwrite the file but add a file with a numbered copy so they should delete the file on their device first.

          So, make a file with just your customer data and then have the other files link to it. The new file will link automatically.

          Also check out GoZync by seedcode which helps syncronize remote files with your main computer or server.