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Appending PDF reports not working on Ipad

Question asked by alanfair on Jan 8, 2013
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Appending PDF reports not working on Ipad


     I have the following script (See Below), which basically produces two reports and merges them as one and display the merged report.  This script works fine on my computer, but when I put the application on the ipad the reports are not merged.

     Basically it generates the first report at line 4, then at line 11 it generates the second report merging it with the first and displaying the result

     On my computer this works fine, i get a single merged report displayed.

     On the Ipad, i simply get the last report. You can see the display at the bottom of the ipad screen  generating the first report, but its does not end up getting  merged with the second report. and on the ipad i just get the second report displayed.

     HELP  - why is this working ok on my computer but not on the ipad ...!!!