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    applying text styles from iPad



      applying text styles from iPad


      Is there a way to apply text styles from the iPad?  We have instances were subscripts are used and can make a difference in the meaning.  IR is totally different than IR and different than Ir, for example.  Also it would be nice to apply bold or italics as well.

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          I was just looking for this info. From the development guide for v. 1.2:

          <<The following text styles are supported in iOS: bold, italic, underline, title case, uppercase, lowercase, word underline (appears as underline), double underline.

          iOS doesn’t support: highlight, strike through, condense, extend, small caps, superscript, subscript.>>

          Go can't apply text styles within a field, and if you try to edit a field that already contains mixed styles from Pro editing, including things such as centering, it all reverts to plain, left-justified text.

          If a field is formatted with one of the supported styles, text you enter will adopt that style and appear OK in Go. I suspect that if the field is formatted with an unsupported style, it will adopt the style as well -- you just won't be able to see it when the database is open in Go. When opened in Pro, it will appear as desired.