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    Are print scripts for FilemakerGo possible



      Are print scripts for FilemakerGo possible


      Is it possible to create print scripts for filemaker go?  I want to use FilemakerGo on an iPad and iPhone so they work as a "self-serve" kiosk.  I want users to be able to touch a single button in the FilemakerGo layout and all subsequent steps for printing to an airprint printer are part of a script underlying that button. (e.g. go to the menu, select print, select whatever options in print setup, select print, select printer, print, ect.)  Is this possible?

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          Mitchell Jonakin:

          Thank you for your post.

          I have set up print scripts in FileMaker Pro that work properly when printed from FileMaker Go.  If you are having difficulty making this work, perhaps you could display both the Print Setup and Print script steps, and let us know if you are receiving an error message or if the print is being sent to a different printer.

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