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Attaching files using Send Mail on iPad

Question asked by GregHuber on Mar 28, 2011
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Attaching files using Send Mail on iPad


Hi FileMakers- 

I'm wondering how I can attach a pdf file to an email using the Send Mail script step.  I am naming the pdf files using a variable & ".pdf" calculation, so they are created as S123456.pdf where the variable is the Sales Order Number of a document.

I can attach them to an email using the Save Records as PDF script step, but that does not give me an option of populating the email's To:, From:, CC:, and Subject fields - the Send Mail does, but I have not been able to point the Attach File option to the location of the file on the iPad, possibly because of the naming of the file using a variable.  Putting the variable in the File Path List does not work like it does with Save Records as PDF and putting the variable in the Output File Path List location.

Suggestions?  Thanks in advance!