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Audio playback takes up whole screen on iPad

Question asked by alnz on Jul 16, 2012
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Audio playback takes up whole screen on iPad


I was using Bento to hold a memo field on a record so that i could dictate audio notes.

When I played it back the audio player was contained in the memo field (just below a text field) and i could pause and play at the same time as i would type up the transcript of what I had recorded.

I am now using Filemaker pro and upgraded to V12 (with Filemaker Go 12) in the hope that I could do the same thing, but when I play back the recorded message it takes up the whole screen on the iPad and I am unable to go back to the main screen to type into the text field without losing the audio.

Can anyone tell me how I can get Filemaker Go to perform the same task as Bento's Memo fields.