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    Audio playback takes up whole screen on iPad



      Audio playback takes up whole screen on iPad


      I was using Bento to hold a memo field on a record so that i could dictate audio notes.

      When I played it back the audio player was contained in the memo field (just below a text field) and i could pause and play at the same time as i would type up the transcript of what I had recorded.

      I am now using Filemaker pro and upgraded to V12 (with Filemaker Go 12) in the hope that I could do the same thing, but when I play back the recorded message it takes up the whole screen on the iPad and I am unable to go back to the main screen to type into the text field without losing the audio.

      Can anyone tell me how I can get Filemaker Go to perform the same task as Bento's Memo fields.




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          Alan Campbell:

          Although Bento allows you to play audio files in the background, At this time, FileMaker Go cannot.  The Container field switches to full screen.

          I recommend that you enter this feature request into our Feature Requests web form at:


          The entires into this web form are automatically populated in a database file that is monitored and read by Development and Product Management, where the suggestions are then discussed and considered for possible inclusion in a future release.  Be sure to mention how this works in Bento and provide the same example why you need this.  Although I could copy your post into the web form, there are a couple of questions asked that only you can answer.

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