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    Auto Update data on Filemaker Go



      Auto Update data on Filemaker Go & 3G Access


      I would like to carry a version of a database on filemaker go that is read only information. Is there a way to use timed scripts or a way to recognize when the iPhone or iPad is in the wifi zone to automatically pull the data and update?

      Perhaps there's another solution I'm not sure about. Can Filemaker Go access the database through 3G and can this be done without Filemaker server?

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          Hi Chris:

          Thanks for posting.

          Within FileMaker Pro, each database has a Guest account set up with read only access.  You can also create other accounts with read only access by going under manage security or accounts and privileges.  While under the account settings, make sure the read only account is checked as enabled.  Under the file menu go into file options and uncheck “Log in using.”  This will make databases accessed from FileMaker Go or FileMaker Pro prompt the user for an account.

          You do not need FileMaker Server to host a FileMaker database.  Hosting can be done from a FileMaker Pro client.  FileMaker Pro clients are limited to nine concurrent users connecting to the hosted database.  FileMaker Go allows you to use your 3G connection to connect into a hosted database.  When using the 3G connection, you will connect to the external IP address of the host machine.  Let me know if you need me to go into further detail of setting up sharing in FileMaker Pro.



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            Thanks. That all makes sense so far. What I'm having trouble with is the filepath on my Mac from the IP. My filemaker go, using 3G, seems to find my computer's IP ok. When it asks for the filepath, I created a folder in the Macintosh HD drive called Databases and placed my database inside. I'm assuming the filepath should look like this:


            Is this correct? I've gone into security settings to allowed access via Filemaker Network and Filemaker Go for the proper privilege sets. I've also set my Filemaker Go username to the proper login username. It doesn't seem to find the file so I'm either missing a network sharing option or something else very simple. Please explain. 


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              FileMaker network sharing between FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go shouldn’t need the exact file path to make a connection.  FileMaker Go only needs the host IP address added under Remote Files and Hosts, where the hosted databases should then appear.  Follow these steps to make sure your sharing is setup properly.

              1. Open your database in FileMaker Pro.

              2. Under the file menu, go to Sharing and FileMaker Network.

              3. Set Network Sharing to On.

              4. Set Network access to file at All users and click Ok.

              5. Open up a web browser and go to http://www.whatismyip.com/

              6. Note down the IP address displayed.  This is the external IP address of your computer, which needs to be used if connecting over 3G.

              7. Open FileMaker Go on your iPad.

              8. Under Remote Files and Hosts click the cylinder with a + icon.

              9. Add the external IP address in the Add Host window and tap done.

              10. Tap on the IP address under Remote Files and Hosts to see the hosted databases.

              Do you see your database listed under the host window that comes up?  If your database is not showing up, it could indicate that port 5003 is being blocked from your host machine.  Port 5003 could be blocked by a firewall running on the host, or through the router your network goes through.  Let me know if these steps work or not.  If they don’t, you’ll need to find out the router name and model your network is going through.



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                I've completed all the steps and it still shows 'no files available'. I'm assuming you are correct about the firewall, unfortunately, I have no idea how to figure that out to confirm it.

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                  What version of FileMaker Pro is hosting your database?

                  What operating system is FileMaker Pro running on?

                  Do you know the router model your computer is connected into?

                  Usually on the back of most router models is listed the model ID.  Once the router model is known, it will make it easier to open the ports on it.  This article at http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7840 goes over the basic steps for opening ports through your router.  Each router is somewhat different, and if you can find the exact router model, I can provide you with more detailed troubleshooting.



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                    I'm using Filemaker Pro 11 on Mac OSX 10.6.8. 

                    Linksys Router Model #: WRT150N

                    I ran through the article on setting up port 5003 and I did so on my router. Still not working and I'm still a little confused about setting this stuff up. I clicked the Applications tab on the Linksys menu and instead of Single Port Forwarding, I used Port Range Forwarding. I input '5002-5004'; Protocal 'Both' ; To IP Address 'I used the private IPv4 address listed in my System Profiler for my Ethernet connection, not my Airport connection. Is this correct?'

                    When I use Filemaker go for iPhone, I'm going to Add Host and typing in my iMac's web IP and giving it a host name. It pops up in my Favorite Hosts and it does receive a response. I go to Filename and it asks for the Network File Path, in which my IP is shown with a forward slash and I type in the filemaker file 'Test.fp7'. It comes up with 'The file 'Test.fp7' cannot be opened. Either the host is not available, or the file is not available on that host. 

                    I've gone through a few guides on the web for this and have not been able to solve this problem. I'm obviously missing something still. 



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                      One Note On TSDuck's 10 Steps.

                      This works always for static connections but your IP Address can be changed for various reasons such as turning off your router.

                      xxxx.local.  works on my wifi where I substitute the name I've given to my computer for the xxx. Much easier for wifi use at home or office. I wonder if that will connect to another computer using its name?