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Autograph with iPod Touch, and Filemaker Pro

Question asked by user18730 on Sep 28, 2010
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Autograph with iPod Touch, and Filemaker Pro


I'm running Filemaker Pro 10.v3, on a G4 power Mac. I'm trying out using Filemaker Go on my iPod Touch. What I want to do is capture a signature on my iPod, and have it show up on my database on my Mac. I'm using autograph to capture the signature on the iPod. Everything works well, until I go to look at the signature on the Mac. All that is displayed in the container field is a message saying that this is an "unknown container object". What am I doing wrong. If I close and reopen the file, the signature will show up on the iPod, so I would assume that the signature is being stored on the Mac, so why can't I see it?