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    Automatically data transfer



      Automatically data transfer



           Can we transfer data using Filemaker go but without net connection ...means just like outlook....if there is no internet connection its saves data and when get it ..data will be automatically transfer ..is it possible in this...??

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               Sam Thomas:

               Thank you for your post.

               I am having difficulty understanding your post.  In general, FileMaker Go will only import another FileMaker Pro database file.  Make sure the file is in the FileMaker Go work area.  If you want to export data, you can specify different file types and attach them to Mail to be sent to others.

               Let me know exactly what you are trying to accomplish so I can give you some possible options.

               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 Filemaker Go will not automatically sync.




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              Markus Schneider

                   $695... 2-Anchors... ouch!

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                     Those software companies are in the money making business too.  

                     You can make a Feature Request at http://www.filemaker.com/company/contact/feature_request.html

                     Lets hope that FMI decides to add a sync feature to a new version of Go. 

                     You can always design your own.



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                       Hi..thanks for reply ...

                       My question is ...E.g ..all user travel with their copy of the  database on their iPads using FileMaker Go. They usually do not have Internet access. They individually make changes to data in their databases. So now how they syncing database..???


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                         As stated above.  You will have to design your own method to sync or purchase one of the sync modules that someone else has designed.  Go does not have sync built in.

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                           Sam Thomas:

                           I recommend reading the "FileMaker Sync Guide" at:


                           This should give you a good foundation of what is required for syncing.  I would also recommend Knowledge Base Article #7720 "Database syncing - an overview of approaches":


                           FileMaker, Inc.

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                             Hi..thanks for help..almost i get it ..but still i m struggling with connect to host database ..i try a lot ..i m not getting it...

                             Question : How connect hosted database....i have one database copy in my ipad ..now i want to connect with hosted database so that i can export my  data/syncing database ...plz help me in this..


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                               Sam Thomas:

                               Follow these steps:

                               1. With your file open in FileMaker Pro, pull down the File menu and select "Sharing -> FileMaker Network...".  

                               2. In the FileMaker Network Settings window, turn on Network Sharing.  Below that will appear the TCP/IP Address.  Write down the TCP/IP Address.

                               3. In the lower left quadrant are the Currently open files.  Highlight the file you want to access, and on the right side, "Network access to file", click "All users".  Click OK to close the window.

                               4. On your iiPad, launch FileMaker Go.  On the FileMaker Go home screen, on the right side, to the right of "Remote Files and Hosts", tap the first icon with the magnifying glass.  This will look across the current network for hosted files.  If you don't see any Local Network Hosts, then click Done and tap the icon to the right of that (with a plus sign).  Enter the TCP/IP address that your wrote down in step #2, and click Save.  That host name will now appear under "Favorite Hosts" just below "Remote Files and Hosts".  Tap the host, and it will display all files on that computer set for network sharing.

                               Let me know if you continue to run into difficulty.

                               FileMaker, Inc.

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                                 I've been successful, with the connection via LTE on my iPad to the filemaker db sitting on my home computer, however I also had trouble with this.

                                 Is it correct that I MUST have Filemaker Pro open and the computer must not be sleeping.  If true, then I can never let my computer sleep otherwise I'll not be able to access any DB when not sitting at my computer.  This would be a problem even if I'm downstairs and the computer is upstairs.

                                 This is sad there is no reasonably priced option to sync for people coming from Bento to FM Pro

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                                   Yes, the hosting computer must be on and not a sleep.   In a networked environment the server never goes to sleep, and the Filemaker Pro on your desktop is acting as a server. 

                                   As I have stated above, hopefully Filemaker will add some kind of sync system in the near future.  Considering that Go is Free, you can't complain to much.  

                                   Just my opinion, but I believe since filemaker has done away with Bento that they are going to put more resources into Filemaker Go.   The more feature request they have for a feature the more likely they are to do something about it.  FM employees do review these post, but it will get into more of the correct people hands if you use the "Request a Feature" link.