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Question asked by MatthewMackay on Jun 23, 2011
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We have created a database solution that runs on the iPad 2 with FMGO. The solution allows us to visit places and collect data on the iPad with no internet connection required. 
At present the people collecting the information return home and when connected to a WiFi signal use the email facility to email the entire database (usually 5-8mb containing 50-80 photos) to us. We then open the database, preview the information in a report format that we have prepared and save it as a PDF. 
As FMGO does not support preview mode we have come to the conclusion that for us to get the information into a nice PDF we need the databases to be sent to us. 
What we would like to do is automate the process. If they could press email and from there the process is automated it would be great. Not sure how we would do this though!