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Barcode Scan Not Scanning

Question asked by TonyReynolds on Feb 3, 2014
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Barcode Scan Not Scanning


     Hello all,

     I am very new to FM and quite certain I am simply not setting something up correctly. 

     I have created a "book journal" in FM so my 7 year old can log all of the books he reads in FM Go on my ipod touch 2nd generation.  I have it set up so he can take a picture of the cover, add the book name, author, rating, genre, and a few other items.

     I also have a container field that I would like to use to store a barcode image and a text field to then hold the actual code.

     I have a button that when clicked triggers the "insert from device" script step which is set up to "insert from barcode" into my container field.

     When I actually run this on the ipod touch and hit the button, the camera kicks on, and I try to scan the barcode...nothing happens.  It never scans.  It just sits there in "camera mode" until I cancel.

     My first thought was that the resolution of the 2G iPod Touch back camera may not be high enough for the scanner to work.  However, I use barcode scanning in several other apps (Amazon, My Fitness Pal, and a few I downloaded just to try) with no problem.

     So, does anybody have any suggestions?

     Thanks in advance!