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Barcode scanning??? RedLaser needed, badly.

Question asked by LukeH on Nov 25, 2011
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Barcode scanning??? RedLaser needed, badly.


I keep checking on FM Go progress and am always surprised, nay, shocked that there isn't a built-in Barcode scanning feature yet.  This seems like one of the #1 use-cases for this product and yet we are still forced to cobble together "solutions" using 3rd party apps like CNS Barcode or pic2shop which both stink in various ways, are expensive and also slow down the whole application flow considerably.  (try scanning even 10 barcodes into an FM Go db using pic2shop -- you'll be there for at least 10 minutes, and that's if you can even get these apps to recognize your barcodes, which I couldn't most of the time even on my iPhone 4S with it's beefed-up camera).  This affects efficiency, battery life, etc etc the list goes on.

I've tested just about every code-scanning app in the AppStore as of late-November and found only ONE that actually works reasonably well for small barcodes or low-light conditions -- RedLaser.  Sadly this has been purchased by eBay so it's not likely that we'll see any "enterprise" features coming from them in the future. 

Luckily they have an SDK which can be licensed to bring the RedLaser engine into any other iOS app -- I would personally pay double the $19.99 app price for a "FM Go Pro" edition with RedLaser's engine built in. 

Please FileMaker, license this RedLaser engine asap and roll it into your product so we can do some real work with this app. I'd happily pay $40-50 for this without batting an eye.