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Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Sep 13, 2012
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     I use CNS Barcodes for IOS and when I first used it in 11 I wasn't happy. Now with 12 and a few updates, I think it is superb! Maybe I just had to find out how to script it correctly?

     IOS currently suffers from one big problem that I can't find out how to overcome while in Filemaker Pro downloading a true type font for Code 39 lets me print barcodes as if they were text fields. IOS doesn't have the font so I have to use CNS to generate a graphic of the barcode. This is an ancient idea... Much easier using the font...

     So, this question address the question of fonts?

     Is there any way to add a barcode font to IOS, such as Code 39? This would eliminate the need to generate and perhaps store graphics of the barcode label.

     I've found a dozen useful font apps, search for character map in iTunes Store. The Unicode fonts are filled with stuff but no barcode can I find... Really guys, just 10 barcode style numbers would be good...

     As a second issue, these unicode font maps are showing lots of icons in the fonts that we might want to use so take a peek.