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    Basic Layout Question



      Basic Layout Question


      Apologies for the basic nature of this question. Search yielded unhelpful results.

      Developing a landscape layout in FM Advanced 13 for iphone 6 plus accessed using FM GO 13. According to FM official screen stencil sizes:


      736 pixels is the usable landscape width. My layout (with tab control) is borderless and is exactly 736 pixels wide. So is tab control. When viewed landscape with 6 plus, right edge of layout exceeds screen area by approximately 1/3. This is not desirable. Phone is neither set to "Zoom" view in iOS 8 Settings, nor has the text size in iOS 8 been changed from the factory setting.

      So please share with me the obvious detail(s) I am overlooking. Thank you for reading and, hopefully, your suggestions!

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          FMGO can not yet take advantage of the new iPhone 6 or 6 plus screen sizes. In the mean time (and a waste of time) consider designing your layouts to the iPhone 5 screen dimensions and they will render correctly on the 6 in standard mode and on the 6 Plus in zoom mode.

          Sorry I can't give you the answer you're hoping for ... I feel your pain crying

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            Thanks for the post above, I sincerely appreciate it.

            FMGO app update 11/20/2014 thru App Store has fixed this issue!