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    Beginner needing help!



      Beginner needing help!



      i have created 3 databases using FileMaker Pro, and I want to be able to access the information on my iPad and iPhone when not at home.  I am finding the information about file sharing confusing, there is too much technical information available.

      I have added the files to iTunes and can now share them with my iPad and iPhone, if I make any changes to the documents will they update the database automatically?

      I bought this product believing I could share the information via the file maker server at no cost provided I only needed 5 or less connections, is this the case and if so how do I access the server?

      I would appreciate any help that can be given!

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          Amanda M.

          Thank you for your post.

          First, in FileMaker Pro, make the file available for Network Sharing.  To do this, open the file you want to share, pull down the File menu and select Sharing -> Share with FileMaker Clients...   In the FileMaker Network Settings window, turn on Network Sharing.  Just below will display the TCP/IP Address.  Be sure to write this down, as this is what will be used in FileMaker Go to access the file.

          In the bottom left quadrant, under Currently open files, select the file (if more than one), and on the right side under Network access to file, select All users.  Click OK, and the file will now be available over the network.

          On your iOS device, make sure you have Wi-Fi turned on.  Launch FileMaker Go, and tap the icon "Hosts".  This will show all the machines over the network.  Tap the machine that contains the FileMaker Pro hosted file, and tap the file to open it.  If the host is not listed, then tap "Add Host", and enter the IP Address that you wrote down when you turned on Network Sharing on your desktop computer.  Select it, and the shareable files will now appear.

          This should give you a good starting point.  Let me know if you need additional clarification.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Thank you for your reply, I have managed to do this, so xan access my files when at home.  However when I go to one of my preschools the files are no longer available as they are out of reach of my wifi, how do I solve this?

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              Amanda M.:

              If you can't connect remotely, then it is probably a port forwarding issue.  Please see Knowledge Base Article #7840 regarding connecting remotely to a hosted database file, as this applies to FileMaker Pro clients as well as FileMaker Go clients (3g or Wi-Fi).


              For a more expansive article on Port Forwarding, see Knowledge Base Article #9770:


              Follow these steps, and let me know if any of the steps fail.

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                Also ... just in case you missed it. Your local network FMP host will have a different ip address when you try to access it remotely. Check the ip address your ISP has provided and make sure the router is set to forward those ports TSGal has suggested to the internal ip address of the machine .



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                  Ok, I am finally getting somewhere! I have now turned wifi off on my iPhone and have accessed all of my databases using 3G.  if the files aren't open on my computer, or the computer has gone into 'sleep" mode, can I still access the files?

                  I am using an imac with Yosemite installed 


                  also so in my original post I asked about using the iTunes file sharing function - if I use this and update the file on my iPad, will this information sync back to my computer? I used to use bento and found the sync feature really useful - especially if I was at a location with no 3G or wifi.


                  i await your reply! Thanks for all your help so far.

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                    The file you wish to host must be open on the computer and the computer "awake" for file sharing with filemaker network to work.

                    The iTunes function allows you to transfer a complete database file between the host (development machine) and the iPad. There is no sync function built into FMGO or Filemaker. The file you transfer is local just to the iPad and any changes made to it on the iPad are not reflected in the original file on the development machine. This would be fine in a single user situation where you need to take your database on the go and then transfer it back in it's entirety to the host when you return. But I guarantee at some stage a mistake will be made and you'll be working with the wrong version of the file. This methodology will not work if your file is used by more than 1 person ... in that situation you have 2 options, either remote access to your file through the fm network over wifi or 3/4G or by synching your iPad data when you return with some other sync function.

                    There are some 3rd party applications you can use to sync data between a mobile device and a host machine (gozync) http://www.seedcode.com/filemaker-sync-gozync/ but you would need to make it fit with what your needs are. GoZynch is not the only one out there but there is a free version of it available to try.

                    Personally speaking, I find the FM Network the most practicable solution providing you take that into consideration when you are actually designing your data and layouts. There are plenty of technical references available on the filemaker technical network which you should join (it's free) which will guide you in how best to design filemaker when using fmgo clients to reduce the amount data that is actually transferred over the wire or wireless to make your snappy and reduce lag.

                    It's not to steep a learning curve, knowledge and the more you learn about filemaker will help your development skills.

                    Hope that helps.