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Best of both worlds? Please?

Question asked by betterannamac on Jul 21, 2010
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Best of both worlds? Please?


I've been waiting and waiting for a Go type product since I got my iPhone. I finally broke down and bought Bento for both the iPhone the iPad. While I like the synching, I really don't care for the product itself. Bento is WAY too limiting as a database. It took me a couple of hours to get my FileMaker Pro database into Bento and I only tried the one without relationships. Then I don't have very good layout options on the mobile device. I was SO excited to see Go. Finally! I could use FileMaker Pro! Not the crippled Bento.

BUT... I really need an app that I can SYNC... like... well, Bento. I'm not always connected to my network when I need to use my database. I would like to be able to take, for example, my soccer team database to the fields so I can look up my player information and stats on the fly. And then make changes... and then SYNC with my database at home. Right now I have two separate copies. I can copy from the iPad to my MacBook but I would like to know I can make changes in both and don't have to remember which is the most current copy. That's one thing I DID like about Bento. Am I missing something? IS this a possibility I haven't figured out yet?

Thanks in advance!