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Best practices with media and FM Go / Pro

Question asked by DirkVanThienen on Apr 26, 2012
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Best practices with media and FM Go / Pro


Hello FM community,

i'm a FM newbie and would like to create a sort of inventory app for the Ipad. This inventory would mainly consist of selected data (prefixed lists) and sometimes added with pictures, maybe occasionally video (or voice recording, don't know if this last is possible tho with the Ipad).

After making the inventory this should be sent to a client. But the clients are not FM users. So i would think export to PDF. But it appears to me only records can be exported, not a report created from records ? What would be the best practices with the media ? Work with attached files, embedded files ? What are the possibilities ? Would it be possible to include media into PDF's ? Or just send a PDF and attach media (maybe zipped ?) using a script / app / plugin ?

Would working with a syncronised database at location (FM go with wifi, 4G..) offer more possibilities at the office (with FM Pro) ?

thank you !