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    Best solution /options



      Best solution /options


      I have designed a database (am designing) in filmaker10 pro advanced. I will be storing it and the files on our server (but for right now it is on my computer and only I use it). We are contemplating getting IPADS so that the people in the outer construction area can use the ipads to document their product. Currently our server/network is only setup for specific users to access files through their laptops. What would I need to make it to where they can use the IPAD to access the filemaker database. In the future if they want to access this information remotely would I have to purchase file maker server? Filemaker go? and filemaker for all the users of the database?

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          Thank you for your post.

          You can think of FileMaker Go (for the iPad) as a FileMaker Pro client.  They will be able to access a hosted file via 3g or Wi-Fi, very similarly to how users on laptops are accessing the hosted files.  You can set up additional user accounts and passwords for the iPad users.

          You can share a database across the network with nine other users simultaneously.  If you plan to have more than nine users simultaneously, then you will need FileMaker Server to host the files, and all users on laptops would need FileMaker Pro and all users on iPad/iPhone would need FileMaker Go.

          Let me know if you need additional clarification.

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