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Better indication of when FMGo is Ready To Go

Question asked by tcmeyers on Nov 5, 2014
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Better indication of when FMGo is Ready To Go


I just posted this in the Feature Request, but maybe this is already available, and I just don't know how to turn it on. Here goes:

Blurred last-screen image on return to FMGo App, please

When returning to FMGo, either from unlocking an iDevice, or switching back from another app, it would be much better for me if the last-screen-seen that is presented is out-of-focus (as seen in many other apps) until FMGo is completely back up to speed where I left off last. I see two different cases where this would be nice -- the FileMaker files I use are all hosted from FMS, and depending on the circumstances, I'll either get a long delay of "reopening files" with a fairly blank screen and a cancel slider, or an image of the last screen seen looking as if it will work right away (but it won't and I tap fruitlessly), or an image of the last screen that really does work right away. If only, when resuming the app, it would indicate that it's heading for the expected last screen (even if reopening files) but have that stored representation blurred so that it's clear that it won't work yet and is still getting ready. Then, when it is, have it sharpen to a focused actual state of the window returned to.

That way I know early what it is trying to do, and I don't waste time tapping buttons and wondering if they are recording my gestures.

I think everyone would appreciate this a lot!