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Better way to combine fields into container for export?

Question asked by wesnellans on Jan 12, 2012


Better way to combine fields into container for export?


Hi! New to the forums, not-quite-a-novice to FileMaker.  I've got a neat little Filemaker Go solution that I've put together to take inventory of my parts department, and have since expanded it into a solution that can be used by anyone looking to easily track inventory - it even automatically counts what you've got upon entry of a barcode scan or manual entry.

The reason for this post is this:  Since GO doesn't allow for export in other standardized formats (read: EXCEL), in order to export the inventory contents I've made a single-line-field that combines all aspects of each record into one CSV-style line, then upon demand every single-line entry of a found set is combined in a global container field as a CSV file. Since GO will allow (by scripting) the export of a singe field's contents, it works.  I then email that file to myself so it can be opened in a regular spreadsheet by anyone.

The problem is how clunky it really is.  With approx 8500 records it simply doesn't ever finish on an iOS device.  Takes a few minutes on my i7 Imac, even! While smaller sets work fine, a full inventory file is simply too big to manipulate in this manner on iOS.

Any thoughts on a simpler, more elegant solution?